invisaligntestimonialfaceAre you considering Invisalign?
“I have just finished my treatment which took a little over a year and wanted to share a few things I learned from my experience.”
Is the treatment for you?
“Invisalign’s successful results depend on commitment and discipline. If it doesn’t sound like you, consider getting a consult on a quicker option such as bonding for example (it has its advantages and disadvantages).”
Find an Invisalign specialist.
“Chances are there are many dentists in your area that offer Invisalign, but you want to find one that is an Invisalign preferred provider. I was told by a few dentists that Invisalign might not be the choice of treatment for me, that it will be hard and long before my teeth are aligned. However, when I met with Invisalign preferred provider, Dr. Eliza Haimi, she was excited to take on a challenging case which turned out to be very rewarding for both of us. PLEASE DO NOT choose a specialist that has very little experience! Although the aligners are computerized, a good specialist will know the complex intricacies to keep you on track with your treatment and potentially shorten treatment time.
“Ask your dentist to see pictures of the patients who completed the process. Ask if anyone she/he previously treated has had a similar case to yours. Another thing to consider is the distance from a dentist’s office. You will need appointments on a regular basis, on average every six weeks, so the distance is a factor in your choice of a specialist. Dr. Haimi’s office is a block away from Long Island Rail Road which made the visits easy.”
Discuss the price.
“Invisalign prices range anywhere from $3,500 to $7,500. After your last tray you will have to purchase retainers which you will wear at night only. Unfortunately our teeth have memory and will try to return to their old positions, so it is necessary to wear those retainers at first every night for about a year, then maybe every second night, then third. Dr. Haimi’s fees were the most reasonable out of the many providers I consulted with.”
“If you have dental insurance, there is a chance that some portion of Invisalign will be covered.
Before you wear your first aligners your teeth have to be in perfect shape, with no cavities. If you don’t currently have a dentist, I recommend getting all the work done with your Invisalign provider. You will need few cleanings and dental check ups throughout the course of your treatment.”
invisaligntestimonialCreate a habit!
“Once you receive your aligners, wear them all the time unless you are eating. It will take a few days to get used to them but the more you slack, the longer the treatment course will be. Your dentist will decide if a correction is needed if one or more teeth do not move into the proper position that they are supposed to. In my case (I was never without my aligners for more than 2 hours) there was a mid-course correction which added another set of aligners.
“The aligners are really almost invisible and there is minimum discomfort (you might have a little pain for the first day or two of every new tray), so stick to the routine and wear them. Very rarely someone noticed I wore Invisalign.”
Maintain good hygiene!!
“This might be the most important point! And I will be honest, not an easy one. Every time, before you eat, you need to take the aligners off. Before you put it back on, you need to floss and brush your teeth. Since your saliva can’t rinse your teeth under Invisalign you have to be diligent about your mouth hygiene. And let me tell you, cavities happen fast! In the middle of my treatment I got a wakeup call – 2 new cavities. So to make it easier for me to keep my teeth clean I bought few toothbrushes and flosses to keep them in the car, in my purse, in the kitchen, in the bathroom… you name it. I also highly recommend a Waterpik in addition to flossing at least before you put your retainers in at night. Make it easier for you to be good and hard to be bad. Hide those candies or cookies away from your eyes. You will skip a few snacks or treats throughout a day which can be a bonus if you try to loose some weight.
“Ask your dentist for a recommendation to clean Invisalign. I know there are granules specially sold for that, but I found them a little expensive and used dissolved baking soda in water to soak and clean my aligners. I have also tried Efferdent (for dentures) but was told by my dentist not to use it, since it interferes with Invisalign material.”
“It can not be overstated!! I can’t tell you how many times I almost lost my aligners because of this. Few times I had to fish them out of the garbage, including at a restaurant, where a waiter picked it up from the table when I was distracted (I don’t blame him) and threw them out. Ask your dentist for extra cases and keep them everywhere, better in a small bag with floss and toothbrush. If you do lose them, it will set you back a few weeks before you get a replacement.
“At the end of my treatment I can assure you the sacrifice for the year was worth it for me! Good luck with your decision!! If you are on Long Island or NYC area, I highly recommend my Invisalign specialist Dr. Eliza Haimi. (Phone # 516-321-9060) She is very professional, considerate, meticulous and reasonably priced. She has experience with different Invisalign cases and great as a general and cosmetic dentist too.”